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Terms and Conditions of “Hire”




1.1.1 The hire booking is confirmed in writing and/or upon provision of credit card details and/or by paying a deposit. By confirming your booking, you are agreeing to these conditions

1.1.2 No extra costs will be charged to your card unless items are returned late, lost, damaged or returned in an unsuitable manner.

1.1.3 An additional Security bond may be required in addition to the deposit. Security bond will be refunded after the hire; less any incidentals or damage.

1.1.4 Tablelands Event Hire will be under no obligation to proceed with the hire if the deposit or full payment has not received within designated times.

1.1.5 Photo ID must be presented on receipt of hire.



1.2.1 Written notice is required.

1.2.2 After the deposit has been paid cancellation will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

1.2.3 Deposits are non-refundable.

1.2.4 Cancellation Fee structure. The below considers amount of work already completed and potential loss of business.

20% cancellation fee if cancelled with 10+ business days' notice of dispatch, or loss of Deposit whichever is greater
35% cancellation fee if cancelled 4-10 business days' notice of dispatch
50% cancellation fee if cancelled 1-3 business days' notice of dispatch
100% cancellation fee if cancelled with less than 1 business days' notice of dispatch

1.2.5 Reasons for cancellation include but are not limited to; weather conditions, natural disaster, pandemic, acts of God and acts of terrorism

1.2.6 Booking is not transferable



1.3.1 Will be deemed as cancellation of your booking



1.4.1 The hirer must notify Tablelands Event Hire if any items are lost or damaged.

1.4.2 The client is responsible for the conduct of all guests and will take full responsibility for any damage to property caused by client or guests or members of the public and will pay incurred costs or cover any loss of business.

1.4.3 The client will take full responsibility for any lost property or property that is not returned and will pay incurred costs.

1.4.4 Cleaning fees will be charged if equipment items are returned in an unreasonably soiled condition

1.4.5 Any non-removable stains on items will be charged for the cost of replacement. Do not use coloured paper napkins, paper confetti, or wax candles on the linen, as it will stain.



1.5.1 Full payment is required prior to dispatch, or on collection of the equipment.

1.5.2 Credit Card Details may be kept on file to finalise any outstanding payments after the hire. When hiring equipment, you agree that any outstanding charges will be deducted from your Credit Card.



1.6.1 Delivery and pick up charges are not included in our hire prices.

1.6.2 Delivery charges quoted are based on a non-specific time between 8:00am – 4:30pm, unless stated otherwise.

1.6.3 A surcharge may apply for specific delivery times.

1.6.4 Hirer is responsible for having someone available to accept the delivery and upon collection.

1.6.5 Hirer must provide safe access to and from the site.

1.6.6 Hirer must advise of unusual delivery conditions this includes but is not limited to dangerous dogs and steep driveways.

1.6.7 All care will be taken, but Tablelands Event Hire and its employees are not responsible for any damages to property in the course of delivery installation, pack down or pick up of our equipment.

1.6.8 Hirer must advise of any underground services which may impede the pegging of temporary structures. Any underground services must be line marked by the Hirer, or person/s responsible for the venue, prior to installation by Tablelands Event Hire. Tablelands Event Hire and its employees are not responsible for any damages to underground services should lines not be marked, or be marked incorrectly.

1.6.9 Items are not to be removed from the delivered address without written consent from Tablelands Event Hire

1.6.10 All items must be left in an easily accessible position at the completion of the hire.

1.6.11 Hirer must pack the items in their respective containers at the end of the hire period in a complete, clean and dry state. Do not put linen back into linen bags if wet.

1.6.12 For the safety of our staff and to adhere to health and hygiene regulations all hired items must be rinsed of food and beverages. This includes but is not limited to cutlery, crockery, glassware, catering supplies and any other catering equipment.

1.6.13 All linen and material items must be dry, clean from loose food, dust, decorations, confetti, glitter etc.

1.6.14 Failed delivery or collection attempts will be charged for.

1.6.15 All deliveries and pick-ups are to the ground floor only unless otherwise stated.

1.6.16 Additional charges may apply where the delivery of equipment is more than 25 metres away from where our vehicle can park.

1.6.17 Tablelands Event Hire count and decision as to the condition of the goods prior to dispatch and on return shall be final.



1.7.1 The hirer acknowledges that they have received adequate instruction on the correct use of equipment which includes verbal or written instruction.

1.7.2 The hirer may phone our office to obtain further instruction or see here on our website

1.7.3 The hirer does not hold Tablelands Event Hire responsible for any injury caused to themselves or others while setting up, packing down or moving any items.

1.7.4 Equipment must be used for its intended purpose.

1.7.5 The hirer does not hold Tablelands Event Hire responsible for any injury caused to themselves or others resulting from the incorrect or negligent use of equipment

1.7.6 In the event of breakdown of, missing or faulty items the hirer must notify Tablelands Event Hire as soon as they become aware of the missing or faulty items.

1.7.7 Claims of missing or faulty items after the hire period has ended will not be considered and a refund will not be provided.

1.7.8 Equipment hire is for time out of the warehouse, charged at a minimum of 1-Day, whether the equipment is used or not. This relates to all equipment hire, including catering and linen items



1.8.1 Tablelands Event Hire reserves the right to replace hire items with a suitable substitute in the event of unavailability or if we believe the item originally designated for hire is deemed unfit.



1.9.1 The Hirer acknowledges that is a mere bailee of the items and agrees that: (a) the hirer has no right or claim to any interest in the items; (b) the hirer cannot claim any lien over the items; (c) the hirer will not create any third party interest in the items except as may be authorized by Tablelands Event Hire; (d) title to and in the items will remain with the Tablelands Event Hire at all times and even if the items are intermingled, attached to or become part of other items; and; (e) any accessory or item which accedes to any of the items by any act of the hirer or another person becomes and remains the property of Tablelands Event Hire.



1.10.1 Hirer agrees to defend, indemnify, assume liability for and hold Tablelands Event Hire harmless from any and all claims, demands, damages, losses, suits, proceedings, penalties, expenses or other liabilities including attorney fees and court costs, arising out of or resulting from the incorrect or negligent use of equipment



1.11.1 The hirer is responsible in maintaining all appropriate policies of insurance, covering liability, property and casualty insurances in amounts necessary to fully protect Tablelands Event Hire against all claims, loss or damage. The hirer is responsible for any injury that may occur to persons over the hire period arising out of or resulting from the incorrect or negligent use of equipment



1.12.1 The hirer gives Tablelands Event Hire the right to enter any premises where equipment is stored, or believed by Tablelands Event Hire to be located, for the purpose of examining and testing the equipment; or where the contract is concluded or the hirer is in breach of the contract, remove the equipment from the premises.



1.13.1 Hirer’s full name and date of function must be referenced for all queries, amendments and payments.



1.14.1 If any provision of this contract is held to be unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability will be deemed eliminated or modified to an extent which in the court’s opinion is necessary to make the remainder of the provision and this contract enforceable.


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